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Client Reviews

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"I am someone that reads a lot about the latest craze with beauty and fat loss secrets. Services mentioned in glossy magazines that the stars are trying get me hooked and wanting to do my own research at home. Once I heard about Fat Freezing, it seemed way too good to be true- virtually pain free and yet affective? At this stage I didn't even care about cost I just wanted to know where I could get it done!

After making my appointment I was starting to get nervous. What happens if it hurts? Or something goes wrong? Or what if it leaves me all blotchy and bumpy in areas- I really didn't know what to expect. Taking before pictures were hard as I REALLY didn't like seeing what I actually looked like- and not what I thought I looked like and felt like! But all I kept saying was, at least it can only get better right?

The procedure itself was actually quite easy- to lay still for 45mins on a bed in front of a telly? When does a mummy of two ever get that? It felt cold and then really cold and then it went numb. I was surprised. When the machine came off the area it was so hard and frozen that the thought made me cringe but I was so happy. I knew this was the start of something nice for me.... Finally.


Every day I looked in the mirror I couldn't tell what difference there was. But over a few weeks I started taking my own photos and comparing them- OMG the difference was amazing! Seeing that the

fat freezing was starting to work I tried extra hard to eat healthy and

watch what was being put inside my body. This only escalated the

rate at which the cms came off and I could tell with every photo. 

This changed my life- I honestly didn't think anything would work

without surgery or that because I had had two children and I was

exactly in my 20's anymore that it was just a silly dream. But I am

so pleased that I've had other areas done and wanting more in the

future. The cost DEFINITELY is worth the happiness and the boost

it gave me. People started commenting almost straight away and

that always helps with continuing to feel good and to look after myself.

I'm so grateful that I took a plunge and decided to give it a go- with

minimal discomfort and yet great results I honestly don't know why

everyone doesn't do it!

Thank you so much!
Love knowing I look just like I feel now :)

Mel Bandy.

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