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ZinoBiotic+ is made only from natural ingredients and contains no excipients.

Dietary fibers
Other fiber products on the market generally contain only one or two types of dietary fibers, a strategy which is not enough for your daily need of fibers. ZinoBiotic+ contains significant amounts of eight dietary fibers. This approach ensures benefits for the whole colon. Resistant starch, inulin, beta glucans from oats, fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and psyllium husk are fermented in the colon and promote several bowel functions, for example, the resistant starch will contribute to the reduction of the otherwise normal rise of blood sugar after meals.2

Gut health
The fibers in ZinoBiotic+ stimulate the growth of good bacteria throughout the colon. There are over 100 trillion bacteria in the human colon and while some are good for our health, others are less desirable. The good bacteria use dietary fibers as their fuel, enabling them to outgrow and displace the less wanted bacteria. The good bacteria contribute to many important bodily functions, such as educating our immune system. They are also linked to better mood, stamina and health in general. A healthy gut is essential for a healthy body.

Fibers also contribute to a feeling of fullness in the stomach (which can help with appetite control), but at the same time they reduce bloating. There may be a short period of adjustment while the fibers begin to improve the bacterial population, but this is a minor and passing step on the way to 
better situation.

Normal cholesterol levels 
One of the eight fibers is beta glucans from oats. These have a function in maintaining normal blood cholesterol.3

ZinoBiotic+ contains special beta glucans from oats that are free from gluten and contamination from other grains.

Other ingredients
ZinoBiotic+ contains only active ingredients. There are no excipients at all in the product.

Mini education for gut health

With ZinoBiotic, your dietry requirements for an optimal healthy gut are covered in our 8 fibre dietry blend. Although we encourage these healthy tips, your prebiotic, ZinoBiotic has everything you need to keep your gut healthy.

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