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Self Directed Healing

What is SDH?

Self Directed Healing allows you to take the reins on YOUR life. It creates rapid emotional release by removing emotional blocks that cause limiting beliefs and repetitive behaviours that don't serve you. As a result, your mindset will be greatly improved with a new perspective on your self-worth. SDH creates rapid and pinpointed emotional release for deep healing.

SDH enables you to rewire the neural pathways and clear all blocked emotion in your body so that the debilitating locks, blocks and triggers that you have lived with all of your life and are replaced with beliefs and feelings that enable you to live un-limited.

SDH is the latest and most effective way to help you step into the best version of yourself FAST. There is NO hands-on healing or muscle testing required.


SDH shifts the negative belief systems and uncomfortable emotions on ALL levels, mental emotional and physical. You will actually LEARN to FEEL your emotions and understand how to identify where they came from and why. You will gain deep self-awareness and sense of purpose.

SDH is the ONLY healing process that empowers you to Heal Yourself.

SDH is taking healing to the mainstream, it's logical, easy to practice and the results are revolutionary.


The SDH process is so advanced that clients heal deep pain, trauma and stress after only one healing session. There is no form of muscle testing, reiki or hands-on healing required. SDH is at the cutting edge of healing. It is the most rapid and sustainable form of healing in the modern world.

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