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Machine Training 

Microblade Training 

Kit included

Extra workshops

Young woman having permanent makeup on l

1-Day LIP-line & colour blend tattoo training

Duration: 1-Day $1,299
Location: Ascot Vale VIC

Kit Includes:

• Assortment of lip pigments

• 1 x extra pack of lip-line needles (if one of our machines is bought)

• Pigment pots

• 1 x pack of face masks

• Manuals and guides

Course entry requirements:

There are no pre-requisites for this course, however it is your responsibility to determine your suitability based on the following:

• Students should have a keen interest in makeup 

• Artistic

• Steady hand

• Short sighted vision (either assisted or not)

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Optional: Machine

$499 for students on this course (70% discount)

Includes 1 pack of needles

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Course Overview

This is a one day course for students who wish to develop their skills in lip-line and colour blend. Students will learn:

• Liner techniques

• Shading techniques

This equips students with skills that are current and in demand.

Permanent make-up
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Manuals and Guides included (if not previously :

Infection prevention and control 

These guidelines help people in the hair, beauty and skin penetration industries to comply with the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008(the Act) and the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019.


Some industry practices are not specifically covered by these guidelines, and new treatments and practices continue to be developed. However, you should still use the general principles of infection control described in these guidelines for these practices.

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Client consultation and forms

A full consultation is necessary prior to treatment. When we're dealing with beauty treatments (especially skin penetration), understanding contra-indications is vital. Learn about contageous and infectious disease and standard protocol for clients with underlying conditions that may prevent them from treatment.


Includes all pre-procedure, consultation and aftercare forms.

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Business guide

Lets not forget that undertaking a course in cosmetic tattoo often requires a new business start-up. Even if you're not new to skin penetration or beauty services, this informative guide walks you through all the necessary steps to launch your business. 


Includes: checklist of equipment and supplies needed, local rules and legislation for your area, advertising, a comprehensive business plan tailored to your new business, plus more. Please note, this is for your information only and completion of this is not required before commencement of your course. It's our helping hand to you!


• Become fully trained 

• Recognised by employers as highly sought after skills

• Or become self-employed with unlimited earnings

• Comprehensive course carried out by industry experts

• Ongoing tutor and technical support

• Easy to understand course content

• Certificate awarded on successful completion

• May be tax deductible (please see tax advisor)

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If you'd like to know more information about courses (i.e. availability or upgrade from a previous course) please contact us by filling out the box provided, or we are happy to talk on the phone through either of the following numbers:

Mobile: Sheila 0400 411 018

Work: (03) 9117 5477

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