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We are combining two of the worlds best fat reduction technologies: Fat freezing & HIFU with a view of achieving a high percentage of fat loss with consistent results



We are designing a new prototype and need evidence that our theory is correct

Fat freezing can kill as many as 60% of fat cells in the area(s) treated, but results vary and can be as little as 11% permanent fat reduction

HIFU kills localised fat at as high as 40% but as low as 20%

Therefore, we know that fat freezing has the potential to eradicate a higher percentage of fat loss than other technologies, but the problem is CONSISTENCY

Marco and Sheila NASA Lanch Australia.jpeg

The team

Sheila Tobutt BSc (HONS)

Launched the first fat freezing clinic in Australia and the first fat freezing training school in Australia. Owned and operated 5 clinics internationally

Marco Pavincich BSc (HONS)

Launched the first NASA commercial rocket from the Northern Territory in July 2022. Currently nominated by NASA for world's best engineer award

Elly Mortezapour BSc (HONS)

Head hunted by NASA. Physicist. Has a extraordinary understanding of energy with published white papers. Perfect for designing energy delivered technologies

Marco and Sheila NASA Lanch Australia.jpeg

In the last decade, we have seen hundreds of clients achieve a higher percentage of fat loss, by causing further trauma to fat cells post fat freezing treatment

Back in 2015, some of you were part of our clinical testing by way of body composite scans. Not only was this to prove safety of the fat freezing treatment, but also many of you documented what you did post treatment to determine why some people got better results than others.

It was clear that those who massaged the area(s) post treatment for 7 consecutive days, received a higher percentage of fat loss.

As fat freezing induces apoptosis (a natural, biological breakdown) of the fat cells, they do not die immediately. Rather, they are left in a state of ‘shock’. It appears that what is done post treatment has a major influence on the effectiveness of the treatment.

The theory… Many fat cells are stubborn, but sending shock waves through them at their most vulnerable state should receive a higher percentage of fat loss and ultimately consistency in results

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• Permission for before and after photographs

• Permission for before and after measurements

• Return after 12 weeks to record measurements

Cost is $100 per area* to cover costs

1 area is 1 applicator. For example, upper arms are 2 areas

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