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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does this treatment hurt?

A. The initial suction is very strong and can be uncomfortable, but this is temporary. Within a few minutes, you will be numb. 


Q. How long does it take to freeze each area?

A. Depending on the skin fold thickness, each area has a freezing concentration time of 45 minutes to 1 hour. Sometimes, 2 areas can be treated at the same time.


Q. What is considered one area?

A. One area is a specific region of the body which measures approximately 20cm x 12cm. For this reason, inner thighs (for example) are classed as 2 areas.


Q. Will I bruise?

A. It really depends on the skins elasticity of the area treated. If you have had a baby, there is usually no discomfort on the abdominal region - therefore bruising is uncommon. The same applies if you have lost a considerable amount of weight. 


Q. Is there any down time with this treatment?

A. No. there is no down time with this treatment. You can return to your normal regime immediately after your treatment.


Q. How long after the treatment will I see results?

A. Depending on the speed of your metabolism, results can be seen from 2-3 weeks post procedure. Some people with a slower metabolism may take up to 8 weeks. 


Q. Are there any side effects?

A. The patient may experience loose bowels the day after. There can also be temporary numbness, swelling, redness, stinging. This usually subsides within 20 mintues of the procedure finishing. Rare side effects may also occur.


Q, What is the average percentage of fat loss?

A. We have seen an average of 26-33% fat removal in one session. We have seen results as high as 60% permanent fat removal in a single treatment.


Q. How many times can I have the same area treated?

A. You may have the same area treated up to 3 times in one year. You will need to wait at least 8 weeks between sessions for repeated areas.


Q. How many areas can be treated on the same appointment?

A. Up to 6 areas can be treated on the same day. 

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