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Frequently Asked Questions

Stay Perfect Courses

Is training one-on-one?

We do offer one-on-one short courses, but we strongly encourage students to take advantage of learning in small groups. Whilst we understand that people want to receive 100% focus on their learning, the courses are much shorter and less detailed. In group training, student's get to cover more theory and practice and tend to push themselves a little harder. Ultimately, we believe that our students who learn in groups are better equipped with a higher skill set when they leave. Sheila is passionate about providing exceptional standards in training and therefore, will only accept admissions for shorter courses based on experience.

Why are cosmetic tattoo courses so expensive?

Cosmetic tattooist's can earn a lot of money, so trainer's have to make sure that they earn at least what they would earn in an average day on the job. You have to remember that cosmetic tattooist's can receive a wage as high as a surgeon or lawyer and this unfortunately dictates the quality of the learning experience. A surgeon or lawyer doesn't pick up their skills in a couple of days - that would be outrageous. This is another reason why we recommend longer courses with group training. If you were to train one-on-one for the same length of time as group training, your course cost would be approximately 4 times the price. 

Also, it's widely accepted that the initial outlay of a new business should be earned back within the first year of business (to be a viable business). Cosmetic tattooists can earn 150-300K per year (depending on advertising & drive), so in comparison the courses are very reasonably priced. You have to think about the cost and the price you pay, separately.

What comes with the cost of my training?

Depending on which course you take, inclusions vary. Please check individual courses for details. Students receive a lifetime 20% discount on most consumables and this will end up saving you much more money in the long run. 

What if I don't reach the standard required by the time my course finishes?

Most courses around the world will pass student's after 2 or 4 days training regardless of skill. Our expectations are high and we understand that some learners take longer to reach the standard required to receive our certification. For student's living within travelling distance, we allow them to return for extra workshops which are free of charge for a specified duration. For students who have flown in from another state, can continue to work from home with our training materials.

Will I receive a qualification on completion?

Unfortunately, there is no qualification currently in Australia for cosmetic tattoo, paramedical tattoo, skin needling, micro pigmentation, ocular prosthesis or lifelike prosthesis os any kind. There is a single unit of competence, but we feel that the standards set to achieve this unit are not in line with our standards. We are working hard to introduce a complete qualification and raise the bar. 

We are a platinum member of the Aesthetic Practitioners Advisory Network Australia (APAN)

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