The Science of Colour

Why SPI pigments?

SPI's revolutionary new 'everbrown' pigment colours are especially designed to make every cosmetic tattooist's life easy. They have been scientifically formulated to heal brown for every skin type.





































SPI have revolutionised the cosmetic tattoo industry by bringing to the market an intelligent formula, which is capable of producing over 20 pigment colours from just 6!

How do they work?

The science bit...



































STEP 1 - Identify your clients skin type by using a Fitzpatrick questionnaire

STEP 2 - Ask your client whether they would like a light, medium or dark shade 

STEP 3 - Mix


Healed colour with

SPI everbrown Pigments

Healed colour with other brand

This image shows the pigment removal of the eyebrow image directly above. You will notice that the pigment remained brown, even though the healed colour was grey. The healed colour is never the colour that is put into the skin and this is where inexperienced technicians will struggle.

How to use SPI Pigments

The easy bit...