Why Group Training?

Because helping you to achieve a successful career and financial stability is our main goal, we have developed intelligent training program's which provide a unique and enjoyable learning experience. We learn better when we are happy! In our experience, we find that student’s benefit from having peers to train with, as this pushes people a little harder than they would on their own. The theory component of this course will be learned together with many group exercises and practical tattoo training is one-on-one, whilst the other students watch and learn.

Eyebrows Only

Microblade or Machine or Both???  

There's always a lot of confusion when it comes to microblading

and machine for producing great eyebrows. The most common

misconception is that natural hair stroke brows (feathering) can

only be produced using the micro blade hand tool. I've broken

down the pro's and con's of each technique:
















We find that the best results combine machine and blade.

Microblade only (No machine required) - 2 days $1,500

Student's MUST be in the Beauty Industry or demonstrate artistic ability and MUST have completed workbook before commencement of training. 

Microblade only (No machine required) - 5 days $3,500

No experience needed, although you must demonstrate an ability to draw eyebrows. If you experience difficulty in drawing, we can send you a workbook and guide, which you must complete to a good standard before commencement of training.

Microblade and Machine Learning for Eyebrows Only- 10 days $5,500 

Including Symphony Machine $7,260

Including Derma Intelligence Machine $9180

Eyebrow tattooing is by far the most popular treatment when it comes to cosmetic tattoo. This program is designed for the eyebrow enthusiast, who wants to concentrate on eyebrow design and tattoo techniques only. This is an advanced 10-day course, where you will learn the art and technique of eyebrow design in shaded and feather touch.You will study the theory and principles of cosmetic tattoo, learn how to work with the electronic hand piece as well as the micro blade technique. You will acquire priceless tips and advice for advanced eyebrow tattooing skills. This is not available anywhere else in Australia. You will receive certification once knowledge and practical competency standards have been met.

Either Eyebrows, Eyeliner or Lip training - 3 days $2000

Including Symphony Machine $3,760

Including Derma Intelligence Machine $5,680


Eyebrow - Learn up to date methods of feather touch tattoo. Theory will be sent before commencement of the course and you will be expected to have read the literature and completed the homework set. You will receive certification once practical and knowledge competency standards have been met. 

Eyeliner - Learn how to tattoo eyeliner – Theory will be sent before commencement of the course and you will be expected to have read the literature. You will receive certification once practical and knowledge competency standards have been met. 

Designer Eyeliner - Learn the technique of producing fantastic designer eyeliner. This course can only be completed after the standard eyeliner course or if you have previous experience in eyeliner tattoo. Add an extra $1,000 for completing our standard Eyeliner training for a one day course. 

Lips - Learn lip line and colour blend - This is only a one-day course, however theory will be sent before commencement of the course and you will be expected to have read the literature. You will receive certification once practical and knowledge competency standards have been met.

10 Day All round training in Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips

Including Symphony Machine $7,260

Including Derma Intelligence Machine $9,180

Without Machine $5,500 (You will need to bring your own machine and needles to training)

This course is designed for eager candidates who wants to start their career with immediate effect in the main areas of cosmetic tattoo. This is a 10-day course, which provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide a range of services as a cosmetic tattooist. You will learn the art of eyebrow tattooing, as well as top and bottom eyeliner and full lips. This course covers a mix of theory and practical assessments - which will need to have met our competency standards before you receive certification. 

1. Eyebrow - Learn up to date methods of feather touch tattoo using machine and micro blade techniques.

2. Eyeliner - Learn how to tattoo top and bottom eyeliner, root fill and larger winged liners.

3. Lips - Learn how to accurately tattoo lip liner and and apply lip blush using the latest techniques.


All areas will be practiced on fake skin before you tattoo on a live model.

Scalp Micropigmentation

4 day specialised course $2,500

Scalp micropigmentation for beginners requires no previous

training. You will learn this amazing new technique on dummy

heads and real models under close supervision. You can

charge up to $4,000 per head! 


Paramedical Tattoo & Skin Needling

2-day course $2,000

Learn the art of Areola Tattoo and Collagen Induction Therapy in two days!


The increasing demand for these treatments has made this course extremely popular.


Skin needling naturally delays the ageing process for up to 8 years and can thicken the skin by up to 80%, making this the latest celebrity treatment for lines and skin laxity - also a great option for client’s wanting to dramatically reduce the appearance of their scars and stretch marks. You will receive an electronic device and needles as part of this course.


Areola Tattooing is providing hope and confidence to women who have survived breast cancer. Learn this incredible art and become a highly sought after cosmetic tattooist.

Ultimate Cosmetologist

10 day intensive training in all disciplines INCLUDING machine $10,000

                                                                  WITHOUT machine $8,000

This course is designed to set up the eager candidate with a portfolio in every area of cosmetic tattoo and skin needling. Student’s MUST either be in the beauty industry or have an artistic background to be considered. Also known as semi-private training, student’s benefit from having someone to train with.

This training will provide you with knowledge and skill in the following areas:

• Advanced eyebrow techniques (Blade and Machine)

• Top & bottom eyeliner plus root fill

• Lip line and colour blend

• Beauty Mark

• Scalp Micropigmentation

• Paramedical Tattoo

• Skin Needling

Business Start-Up Course

Build your own website with Search Engine Optimisation 1 day $1,000

Starting your own business is very exciting, but you need to be found. Facebook is a great way of advertising, but ‘google’ is where most people search. Take control of your business without paying heavy prices for website design and SEO.


During this one day course, you will:

• Build a whole website with a portfolio of your work.
• Learn how to use this website to send marketing emails.
• Add search engine optimisation to get found on ‘Google’. 

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