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Microblade Training 

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Eyebrow tattooing & Microblading 

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Microblading and feathering training Melbourne


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Course Overview:

Duration: 3 - day course $3,700 

Locations: Perth & Melbourne


Includes the following kit:

• 1 x cosmetic tattoo machine

• 10 x machine needles

• 10 x fully sterile microblade handpieces

• 1 x microblade hand tool

• 20 assorted microblades

• 1 x pack of surgical face masks

• Mixed pigment shades for brows

• 100 x pigment pots

• Brow ruler


 Course Requirements:

• We expect students to have an interest in the application of make-up, with the ability to apply it. 

• Potential applicants should be artistic.

• Short sighted vision is a must, whether aided or not.

• Steady hand


It is your responsibility to determine your suitability based on the above points, as we cannot guarantee that you will meet the standard required by SPI.

Course Content

Theory is to be completed prior to practical training


• Symmetry and balance

• Face shapes

• Eyebrow shapes


Colour Theory 


You will learn colour from scratch. From understanding primary, secondary and tertiary colours to identifying undertone for the purpose of correct colour implantation. Whilst 'tattoo technique' seems to dominate the artists' credibility factor, what people see (after healing) is colour and shape. 


Pigment Ingredients 


Learn how pigments are made and how ingredients influence healed tattoo colour.


Tattoo machines, needles and blades


Learn which needle is for what and how they are used.


"It's all about the technique!" We often see tattooist's 'showcasing' close up's of their work immediately after the tattoo procedure. Elegance in technique comes with years of practice, but we have designed our course to fast-track your learning - by introducing extensive exercises in technique.


Shape + colour + technique = Master cosmetic tattooist. You simply cannot have one without the other. 

The 2-day course provides training, exercises and live model tattooing in either one of the following techniques:


​• Hair stroke/feathering technique 

Not only will students learn the art of microblading, they will also learn how to achieve feathering by using a machine. We feel that it's important to train students in both techniques, as they each offer their own advantages especially when using a combination of these mediums.

• Shaded / Ombré technique

Learn modern techniques and enhance the longevity of permanent cosmetic in the skin with a more defined look. Growing in popularity, you will add a very sought after technique to your portfolio.

  • Become fully trained and increase your employment opportunities;

  • Recognised by employers as professional development;

  • Or become self employed with unlimited earnings;

  • Comprehensive courses conducted by industry experts;

  • Interactive simulations;

  • All course materials provided - keep your kit new;

  • Ongoing tutor and technical support;

  • Easy to understand course content;

  • Models supplied;

  • Certificate issued for your CV

  • Tax deductible in most cases* See your tax advisor.


Students are able to tattoo live models when once they have demonstrated their skill.





Our training materials are the best in the world and exclusive to SPI. Our practice skins are completely 3D and hand made by one of our trainer's who is also a specialist in body prosthesis. The material used feels just like skin and is the ultimate preparation for real-life tattoo.