All of our machines are designed and developed in Germany, they are GGD (health authority) approved and extremely reliable. A Stay Perfect micropigmentation machine will not let you down! If you are not satisfied we will make sure the machine is replaced immediately.

We offer 4 different machines to suit your needs and budget.

Our unique cartridges are equipped with a membrane for avoiding pigment, blood and other body fluids flow in the handpiece. In this way we can prevent cross contamination.

Our needles are compatable with some other leading German machines, but Stay Perfect is the only supplier of Fractional Needle-cartridges for treatment of fine lines and scars in Australia.

SPI pigments are the most concentrated pigments available and are instantly absorbed by the skin with minimal discharge. SPI pigments have an ideal, thick consistency, which don’t splatter or spill. Our pigments do not turn red or grey, but gradually fade into the skin, with a cool/warm code. Each pigment is marked with a temperature for undertone, so that you can tell at a glance whether you are dealing with a warm or cool colour. 

The Microblading Technique is the latest method for filling in eyebrows. This method of applying Micropigmentation requires no equipment. The hairs it creates are fine, blade sharp and no one can tell them apart from the real thing.

Traditional eyebrow pigments fade too fast, therefore we recommend the use our Super Strokes pigments, which will lengthen the lifespan of your work.


Needle Cartridges