Further Education

Mid-Kent College

• Art & Design

Lambeth College

• Circuit boards & Animatronics 


London College of Makeup

• Day Makeup

• Evening Makeup

• Fashion Makeup

• Photographic Makeup

• Airbrush Makeup

• 3D Special Effects Makeup

London School of Cosmetic Tattoo

• Cosmetic Tattoo

• Paramedical Tattoo

Think Enhanced Beauty

• Paramedical Tattoo and Skin Needling

Higher Education

London South Bank University

• Prosthetics

• Engineering

• Physics

Portsmouth University

• Sociology

• Forensic Psychology


Turn your creative side into a rewarding career.


London, England

Perth, Australia

We are excited to offer a brand new, innovative course which is the first of its kind in the world. A comprehensive understanding of the human form is what makes our practitioners technically skilled and aesthetically aware. We create fantastic illusions from cosmetic tattoo to prosthetic eyes and limbs. We believe it is essential that these skills are developed in an integrated aesthetic environment. 

• Make-up artistry

• Colour theory

• Eyebrow feathering (microblade)

• Eyebrow feathering (machine)

• Powdered brows

• Ombré brows

• Beauty mark

• Lip line tattoo

• Full lip tattoo

• Natural & thin eyeliner

• Medium and winged eyeliner

• Tattoo removal


Semi-private training

Cosmetic Tattoo

Duration 4 weeks 


• Symmetry and balance

• Face shapes

• Eyebrow shape

• Lip defining

• Eyeliners

Colour Theory 

During the three days of colour theory, you will learn colour from scratch. From understanding primary, secondary and tertiary colours to identifying undertone for the purpose of correct colour implantation. Whilst 'tattoo technique' seems to dominate the artists' credibility factor, what people see (after healing) is colour and shape. 

Pigment Ingredients 

Learn how pigments are made and how ingredients influence healed tattoo colour.

Tattoo machines, needles and blades

Learn which needle is for what and how they are used.

Hair stroke/feathering technique 

"It's all about the technique!" We often see tattooist's 'showcasing' close up's of their work immediately after the tattoo procedure. Elegance in technique comes with years of practice, but we have designed our course to fast-track your learning - by introducing extensive exercises in technique.

Shape + colour + technique = Master cosmetic tattooist. You simply cannot have one without the other. 

Shaded brows and ombré

Whilst most people these days are opting for a feathered brow, the lifespan of single stroke tattoo (feather) is somewhat less than shaded. Well defined brows can be achieved with either of these techniques. They are very popular in darker skinned people and can be a better option for somebody with a lot of natural hair. 

Natural and thin eyeliner

Learn how to achieve a subtle eyeliner that defines eyes naturally.

Medium liner and designer liner

Extend your tattoo capabilities with advanced skills by achieving perfect winged eyeliners.

Lip liner and colour blend

To most cosmetic tattooists, lip liners are the most challenging area and often where most mistakes are made. Correct implantation is vital on the first pass, because the anaesthetic will make the natural line disappear. We will teach you techniques to overcome this hurdle and make lip tattoo a breeze.

Beauty spot

When it comes to adding a small dot to someones face, surely that easy right? Wrong. It can easily look like a grey smudge if you're inexperienced. It's all about colour and needle choice. Your previous learning of colour theory and needle configuration will help you to achieve perfect, natural looking beauty spots.

Pigment removal

A Stay Perfect course would not be complete without tackling every obstacle you may come up against in your career. Most of the time, you will be correcting someone else's mistakes and this may be attributed to poor colour selection or shape. We will teach you how to extract pigment before you apply your advanced tattooing skills.

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